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The foundation

The Hospital de los Valles Foundation is a legally constituted non-profit organization whose purpose is to improve the health and quality of life of vulnerable people.


Main objectives

Serve a group of beneficiaries in a vulnerable situation, who do not have access to a decent health service, providing them with timely assistance with comprehensive support.

"Every need becomes an opportunity to help"

Nuestra misión

Our mission

The Hospital de los Valles Foundation cares for people and families in vulnerable situations who lack medical services and health insurance.

It has become an effective welfare facilitator for people.


Our vision

Provide privileged medical care, especially to children and older adults in vulnerable situations.


Directora Ejecutiva - Luz Elena Coloma

Carolina Wright - Presidenta

Melanie Wright - Vicepresidenta

Ma. Dolores Lasso - Directora

Alfredo Peñaherrera - Director

Fernando Alarcón - Director

We need your help!

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